When we talk about taboos, we are really talking about subjects on which it is customary to remain silent, either out of modesty or for fear of "disturbing the established order". A sexual taboo is a practice that is accepted (in the sense that it is legal) but contrary to morality, and which should not be discussed in public. In other words, a sexual taboo is a disturbing subject, because it is generally subject to prejudice. So what are these famous sexual taboos that still exist? This is what we are going to see.

Female masturbation: a taboo rooted in our society

Unlike male masturbation, female masturbation is a taboo, a subject that should not be mentioned, as it belongs to the intimacy of women. While men have no problem talking about masturbating in front of pornographic content or with the pink one, women have to keep to themselves and never talk about this solitary activity. It's true, in 2021, female pleasure is still a deeply rooted taboo in our society.

Oral sex: fellatio and cunnilingus still taboo!

For women, it is taboo to talk about fellatio or even cunnilingus, and especially about not enjoying these practices. On the other hand, men who don't like fellatio are considered "strange" or "weird", as it is supposed to be enjoyed by everyone. However, this is not the case. In fact, when it comes to sexuality, there is no defined framework. It is therefore necessary to communicate in order to identify the tastes of one's partner and, above all, not to pass judgement on the preferences of each person.

Sex during menstruation: a stigmatised practice

In 2021, even if it is less and less taboo to talk about menstruation, menstrual blood is still considered dirty. So having sex during your period is not a commonly accepted practice. However, it is perfectly possible to have sex during your period: it is not dirty or dangerous. Moreover, several solutions can be envisaged: doing it in the shower, or protecting the mattress under a towel, for example.

Sodomy and all anal sex practices

Obviously, one of the biggest sexual taboos is sodomy. One of the reasons why this subject is generally avoided in society is because of the hygiene 'problems' involved. However, it is perfectly possible to prepare for and perform anal penetration in a clean and healthy way. Of course, the fear of pain reinforces the taboo around anal sex. For this reason, it is recommended to practice it for the first time with someone you trust, under good conditions and, above all, without forcing yourself.

Other sexual taboos that must be overcome

- Swinging: exchanging partners or having sex with several people are all practices linked to swinging that are considered deviant. However, a lot of good people frequent swingers' clubs. It is time to abandon the preconceived ideas! This article tells you a bit more about swingers. - Homosexuality: even if this sexual orientation is finally accepted in France, some homosexuals are rejected by their families or suffer from violence and harassment. Moreover, in some countries of the world (and even Europe), homosexuality is punishable by law. - Virginity: while for some people the first time comes early, for others losing their virginity is a longer process. In addition, it must be accepted that some adults are not sexually attracted. This is neither serious nor abnormal. The taboo on virginity must be lifted!