How to choose a masturbator?

When you hear the name masturbator, it sounds like you are inviting someone to jerk off. Sex toys are usually made of surgical silicone or soft plastic. They are very soft and have textures inside, which makes for a very…

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The concept of gay truckers explained for you

At the moment, homosexuality is becoming more widespread in many countries of the world. Some of them accept that two people of the same sex love each other and let them get married. But in others, it is a taboo….

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Understanding love and sex in the midst of a health crisis

The situation we are currently experiencing is completely unprecedented, we all have to adapt and find solutions in order to continue to lead a pleasant life despite the restrictions put in place such as confinement or curfew. On the love…

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How to call the pink phone discreetly?

The pink phone is a way of talking to a female caller that is particularly appreciated by men who want to please themselves while titillating their imagination. Women on the phone will make sure that the person they are talking…

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Sex tips: taking advantage of an online portal

Anyone can get bored with the routine of a monotonous sex life. But there is no shortage of ideas for spicing up the sexual experience to make the most of it. Apart from adult films and discussions with friends, it…

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What are the biggest taboos about sexuality?

When we talk about taboos, we are really talking about subjects on which it is customary to remain silent, either out of modesty or for fear of “disturbing the established order”. A sexual taboo is a practice that is accepted…

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