When you hear the name masturbator, it sounds like you are inviting someone to jerk off. Sex toys are usually made of surgical silicone or soft plastic. They are very soft and have textures inside, which makes for a very pleasant sensory experience. However, it is important to make a choice when buying one.

What is a masturbator?

A masturbator is a realistic replica of a vagina (or anus or mouth), hence the name vagina. Most masturbators are made of silicone or rubber. There are different types of masturbators. You decide which one is best for you, depending on your own preferences. The most important thing is the feeling of a masturbator inside. Many people wonder if it is really necessary, but according to reports, it is better than using your hand, as well as being a worthwhile investment. After all, the erotic market industry is offering more and more realistic and anatomically correct options with stimulating functions. There are masturbators that not only provide a tight and soft channel of different textures, but also stimulate (automatically or not) the penis at different speeds, suck, heat, massage specific parts (glans, brakes and testicles) and vibrate. They can be used in foreplay for two to break the obvious and routine, spice up sex and can help intensify the orgasm.

Where to start?

Choosing a vagina is very personal and will depend on what you are willing to spend, as well as taking into account goals, taste and the factors listed above. Even if there are critics, it is important to test and prove it for yourself. For example, there are people who don't mind having to work to disassemble and wash certain types with removable parts, but there are men who are uncomfortable and this is a negative. He prefers something practical. The most famous for those who want to start using it are the torch and egg masturbators. The advantage of the egg is that it does not need to be cleaned, as it is disposable, practical, has various textures and is pleasant. In addition, it is discreetly sized so that it can be taken anywhere. The torch is waterproof, fits different sizes, is easy to clean, the texture is good and the material is soft. Those that provide visual stimulus by mimicking the appearance of the vagina, anus and mouth are also attractive.

How to choose a masturbator?

There are men who use vaginas to train and increase stamina, i.e. to improve the duration of sexual relations with the other person. In addition, they can be useful in long-distance relationships, as there are types that can be controlled by the partner. The size of the penis is not something to be taken into account, as masturbators are made to handle all sizes. Unless the member is too small, too big or suffers from Peyronie's disease. However, the size of the vagina does matter. Always choose comfortable toys to insert and hold your penis. Choose the best end for your sperm. Both toys are excellent for this purpose. Just wash them after use. Some masturbators have very small holes and the material may or may not be elastic. Choose the more malleable ones, otherwise you risk roasting your penis during masturbation. Use a water-based lubricant to reduce friction between the cock and the masturbator. Silicone options wear out the material and shorten the life of your toy.