For most people, there is little difference between an escort and a prostitute. They use the two terms interchangeably. However, a clear distinction exists. Indeed, even if in certain situations they can easily be interchanged, for example, an escort is considered to work a lot for the purpose of relaxation.

What is an escort?

An escort is a woman who sells her time. She receives a fee in exchange for someone's company or for her presence at an event as an escort. An independent escort in Zurich, for example, is not allowed to have sex during their service. They also do not have to offer sexual services in exchange for money or anything of value. However, in practice many escorts, regardless of gender, will accept a relationship or other sexual service for a few hundred euros. For male clients, many escorts offer exotic dances or entertainment such as lap dancing all night in a strip club. For female clients, many offer sexual services such as massage, oral sex or even a sexual encounter in a public place. The majority of male escorts do not provide any sexual services to women, but there are male escorts who will occasionally offer these services to a woman in exchange for payment. A man can book an escort girl in Switzerland to accompany him to a wedding, corporate event, movie, hotel or home without going through the seduction process. She can help to improve the status of her client. She uses her beauty to make your desires come true during the whole moment. She presents herself as the ideal professional to discover new experiences. Although escorts charge for their time by the hour, they can spend several days or even weeks with any client who offers payment for their services. It is legal and very profitable to provide services as an escort.

What is a prostitute?

A prostitute sells sexual services. She may receive money or other valuables in exchange for sexual activity. Prostitution is completely legal in France. For the legislator, this practice concerns the issue of individual freedom between consenting adults. However, a client who uses the services of prostitutes is liable to a fine of €1,500. He or she may also be required to take part in a training course on the fight against the purchase of sexual acts.

Pimping is an illegal act. It is subject to heavier criminal sanctions than prostitution. Indeed, these crimes aim to turn prostitution into an industry rather than a single prostitute selling her services. A client rarely brings a prostitute to a party or a wedding. While prostitution is considered an offensive act to society, most people feel that it does not cause the same kind of physical and emotional suffering as human trafficking. The difference between offering services for money and being forced into sexual slavery is that there is an element of force and violence used in the process. Prostitution involves only physical contact and not the use of force. Sexual slavery, on the other hand, involves the forced and systematic sexual and reproductive servitude of an individual to another individual who will exploit them physically and emotionally for monetary gain.


The price of an escort is often higher than that of a sex worker. In general, an escort girl is often for the discreet, wealthy and socially well-placed. Escorts are usually smart, fun and interesting people who are good company and know how to behave in various environments. The price of services can easily reach €1,000 and more for an evening.

In the world of prostitution, the cost of a service starts at €30.

In summary

Basically, these two professions are similar in many ways, but also different. The escort girl accompanies her clients to events. The sexual act is not at all compulsory, but is often part of it. This can be called "naughty hire". She works for herself or for a specialised agency. For the sex worker, the sexual act is the main selling point. She works on the street, unlike the companion. He may also be under the aegis of a pimp. This situation is forbidden by law, unlike that of the escort. The price of these professionals also differs. The escort girl offers a higher price than a prostitute. This is because the former meets the different requirements of the client with a higher quality of service. Now that you know the difference between an escort girl and a prostitute, you should learn the criteria for choosing the right escort.