It has long been known that sexual activity is good for the body and the mood, but recently some studies by scientist Debby Herbenick, also author of the book Why You Feel Good, have shown that morning sex is even healthier! The immune system is strengthened, oestrogen levels are increased, which is responsible for, among other things, the well-being of the skin and hair, and mood and relationships are improved. Of course, each person has their own sexual biorhythm and especially there are days that are pressed at that time, but no problem because according to this research it would be enough to have sex in the morning just once a week to benefit from it.

Immunoglobulin A levels improve

One of the positive aspects of those who do it at dawn is the increase in levels of Iga, the antibodies that protect against flu and cold viruses, and the resulting boost to the immune system.

Reduced risk of depression

Couples who have sex in the morning therefore tend to suffer less from mood disorders, to be happier and more serene and to experience greater sociality. All this is due to the production of oxytocin, which is also activated by satisfying sexual activity.

You become more beautiful

Making love in the morning, while increasing the harmony of the couple and acting as a flu vaccine, is also an excellent remedy for brighter skin and stronger, healthier nails and hair; the merit is certain substances that stimulate the production of oestrogens, the hormones responsible for our beauty, among other things.

The heart is strengthened

To ensure the functioning of the cardiovascular system and maintain a good blood pressure, you can choose between a little jogging or sex in the morning. Making love at this time of day, in fact, just like running, activates the circulation and helps prevent heart attacks and strokes.

The couple is happier

Sharing an intimate moment with your partner in the first part of the day allows you to establish contact even in the hours that follow and to keep alive a serene memory of each other. In addition, work difficulties and stressful commitments are better dealt with.