Escorting vs. Prostitution: What’s the Difference?

For most people, there is little difference between an escort and a prostitute. They use the two terms interchangeably. However, a clear distinction exists. Indeed, even if in certain situations they can easily be interchanged, for example, an escort is…

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Sex on the tel: incomparable moments of pleasure

Do you want to fulfil all your sexual fantasies, including the craziest ones? If you find it difficult to talk to a live woman about it, don’t hesitate to opt for phone sex and chat for long minutes with a…

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Meet new people on Tinder

Tinder is the new application of the moment, it allows millions of singles around the world to find friends, but above all to meet the love of their life… But how to meet people on this site? How does Tinder…

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Morning sex is better!

It has long been known that sexual activity is good for the body and the mood, but recently some studies by scientist Debby Herbenick, also author of the book Why You Feel Good, have shown that morning sex is even…

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Which aphrodisiacs work and which don’t?

Achieving better sexual performance through increased libido is an aspiration as old as man’s existence on earth. From ancient times to the present day, elements that are believed to bring sexual pleasure to paradise have always been in demand and…

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