With the massive evolution of information and communication technologies, libertine dating has experienced a rebounding boom. Libertarianism is no longer a taboo practice for more than 7% of French people and about 30% are tempted by this adventure. Naughty or soft, single or in couple, the objective is to take pleasure in several while remaining the most discrete possible.

The people involved in a libertine encounter

Libertarianism, as its name indicates, is a freedom in which everyone can have their share of pleasure. The eyes, the opinion and the opinion of others are no longer barriers that must be respected. The main objective is to listen to one's desires and above all one's spirit without being hindered. The body responds to the request of the mind and this form of desire can be satisfied thanks to libertinage. Moreover, it is necessary to specify that the fact of following one's fantasies without depriving oneself of one's assets is gratifying. Indeed, a libertine meeting allows to rediscover oneself and to have confidence in oneself. Single, transgender, gay, lesbian: no rules are set to limit the pleasure. There are no barriers, whether social or sexual, and that is the essence of this practice. For a libertine in a relationship, the process is not a sense of routine. Rather, it is a total opening of the mind. Registering as a couple on an online platform such as visioparty.com thus requires the agreement and consent of both parties. In this sense, every need and desire must be defined beforehand. In a libertine encounter, the determination of each person after having taken the step towards total freedom allows the pleasure to increase tenfold.

The creation of a profile to optimize the meeting

Among the most sought-after fantasies in a libertine encounter, there is the meeting and the games with another person. A man or a woman can meet another member. While threesomes are not yet widespread, either with two men or two women, this practice is possible thanks to such an online platform. In order to make these dreams come true, it is essential to create a profile that must be as complete as possible. In this way, it is easier to seduce potential partners who will be able to satisfy all expectations. That said, a profile without a description and photo will not be seen by members. The adoption of a visual tactic is recommended to attract partners for sure. Hence the interest in finding the right compromise in the photos. To do this, it is quite possible to post face photos and share them only with the swinger who has more affinity with the account owner. However, it should be noted that openness is part of the concept of a libertine. Posting another photo uploaded from the internet can thus be a mistake. In addition, there are singles who are waiting for a proposal for a threesome. In order to find common ground with regard to couples, it makes more sense to promote dialogue. Each of them should have fun on the site and should find the right people for an optimal exchange of pleasure.

What to do if a partner refuses to register?

Prior discussions are preferable for couples who wish to register on a sex site. It is essential to put the forms there to discuss then its waitings and to taste the advantages of a libertine meeting. The best time to bring up the subject is during or after a romp. The other partner will then have some idea of the pleasure he or she will experience and what will happen afterwards. He or she is in an exciting situation and can have a free mind that is easier to reason with. However, it is better to expect everything before bringing up the subject while ensuring alternative suggestions. Arguments will be welcome in case it is not easy to convince your partner of the idea of libertinage. The most important thing for a couple is to know the fantasies of their partner. Logically, each person will have this "little dream" buried, it is just important to know it to agree on this practice.