At the moment, homosexuality is becoming more widespread in many countries of the world. Some of them accept that two people of the same sex love each other and let them get married. But in others, it is a taboo. This term refers to the mating or love between two people of the same sex, be it two men or two women. It has existed for centuries as in the period of Sodom and Gomor. From that time until now, its meaning is that it is wrong to do so. According to the Bible, that God created two beings of opposite sex to love each other and procreate children like Adam and Eve!

Homosexuality in African countries

In Africa, it is a taboo to even mention this term in stories to be told to children. It is rare since the Christian era, especially in social life, compared to Western countries. When Africans want to talk about it, they use metaphors or other expressions so that it is not too obvious. So at all levels when someone wants to talk about this word to another person, they never specify it, but try to use other means or even gestures. This is perhaps the reason for their infatuation with this issue of sexuality. It was the Africans of old and nowadays who do not talk about sexuality, but the missionaries who came there, considered this case as a primitive way of exploring it. So they used this reason to make the opposite appear in African countries. It is a bdsm ad that showed the evolution of the thinking of Africans on sexuality and its surroundings like homosexuality.

Homosexuality: a pleasurable activity

It is classified as a provocative and unpleasant act to present this type of action which is homosexuality in an activity called jouissive. But in any case, it does not depend on who Africans have always thought: the sexual act is seen as a means to give oneself pleasure. This is the meaning unless the woman was not conscientious or was in a state of frigidity or even excision. African women have always been excised in the various societies that exist there. And that it is the men who would feel the pleasure, but never in a woman. The objective before was to reproduce, that is to say that each man and woman must have pleasure in order to practice sexual intercourse. But at the moment, it is placed as a satisfaction of the nerve endings. This is why homosexuality is considered to be a pleasurable activity for those who participate in it, whether they are two women or two men.

Homosexuality: semantic contours in African languages

Do African themes emerge in the languages of homosexuality? To begin with, what is the Western concept of homosexuality? It is of ancient Greek origin which showed a close relationship between the master and his pupil. And it always ends with a sexual act between the two individuals. The purpose of this action: the teacher put a condition on the acquisition of knowledge. It is as if this is the voice to take, as it seems to be part of the pedagogical activities of the school. There is no prohibition: everyone has to go through it to succeed in studies. It was not only accepted between two people without commitment: it was adapted between either his master and his slave or between the teacher and his pupil. But the condition is that there must be no pleasure or love between the two. It must be like a battle between the stronger one who holds the power and the weaker one, the dominated one.

Homosexuality: practice across age groups

Almost every population in every country is experiencing an evolution of each individual. You should know that a child is never responsible or aware of all the forbidden or non-permitted activities. They are considered asexual beings i.e. they do not play any role in the acts they provide. For example, in a place in Cameroon, when the boys have not yet had sex, it is considered to be in a state of growth or called Kiembe. This is the reason why homosexuality was favoured, as girls were very much preserved because of their virginity. They were mostly involved in household activities and helping their mothers. While the boys have fun together. They can also sleep together. This is where the temptation comes in: they try to have anal sex with each other. Among the Bafia, it is a custom to have their younger brother sodomise them from the age of 6 onwards by their elder brother. He plays a passive role in their older brother's life. On the other hand, any relationship between two opposite sexes is forbidden. And their relationship is really a very forbidden taboo.