The pink phone is a way of talking to a female caller that is particularly appreciated by men who want to please themselves while titillating their imagination. Women on the phone will make sure that the person they are talking to has a pleasant time by meeting their expectations. What's more, men who want to be discreet will be able to choose the phone sex if they wish. So how to call the phone sex in all discretion? Answers!

The phone sex, how does it work?

The phone sex service is a way to be put in contact with a woman in order to have erotic exchanges through a telephone conversation. With the CB tel rose, it is quite possible to make a payment directly by credit card during its calls. First of all, it is often preferable to visit the website of the chosen tel rose to discover the catalogue. Different women are then presented with their photo, their age and a description for example in order to choose the one you wish to contact by phone. Each profile is generally associated with a number, which will allow you to communicate the number of the person you wish to reach when you call the phone number. Very often, it is the purchase of credits that will allow the desired length of communication on the phone sex. The purchase of credits can be done directly online with a payment by credit card. Generally, the name of the chosen phone will not appear on the account statement, another name will be mentioned instead, which will allow you to buy credits in complete discretion. Once the credits have been purchased, it will be possible to use them when calling the tel rose. All you have to do is call the number mentioned on the website, give the number of your personal account with which the credits were purchased and also give the number of the person you wish to contact. It will then be possible to be put in touch with the desired person and to devote oneself entirely to their pleasure. Once the purchased credits have been used up, it is possible to buy new ones online.

How to stay discreet?

The pink phone can be called very easily and discreetly, unlike the use of dating applications that need to be installed on your smartphone (more information on dating applications on the Sosoandco blog) or even erotic sites that are often visible in your browsing history, for example. The phone sex leaves no trace except for the number called in his call history which looks like any other phone number and the card payment on his bank statement which will often be under another name. Men in a relationship or even singles who wish to remain particularly discreet will thus be able to opt for phone sex without apprehension. To have a good time, it is recommended to call the phone sex when you are alone and quiet, unless of course you want to share this experience as a couple to spice up your intimate relations (more advice on the subject here). In order to take full advantage of this moment, you can draw the curtains, dim the lights, put on some music, make yourself comfortable and let yourself be guided by your interlocutor. It is therefore entirely possible to call the pink phone to enjoy yourself while remaining very discreet.