The situation we are currently experiencing is completely unprecedented, we all have to adapt and find solutions in order to continue to lead a pleasant life despite the restrictions put in place such as confinement or curfew. On the love and relationship front, things are not easy either. If you are single and looking for true love or a one-night stand, your plans are put on hold. For couples, it's not easy either: when you're confined separately you miss each other a lot, and when you're confined together you have to learn to live together twenty-four hours a day, a major upheaval for couples who had never found themselves in this situation even after years of relationship. To fill the gap in a long-distance relationship or when you are single and unable to meet people, the internet and sex come into play. Dating sites, social networks and phone sex sites have all broken their records in terms of the number of users and the time spent on them during the first lock-in. This success is easily explained: relationships and sex are on hold, but the desires and needs of each person are not, so that's where sexting, nude photos and phone sex come into play, excellent ways to keep the flame alive in a couple or to have fun in good company when you are single.

Keeping the passion alive in your relationship

When you are in love and used to seeing each other regularly, spending cuddly and intimate moments together, being separated for long weeks is very difficult to bear, both emotionally and sexually. To get through this ordeal without it becoming too hard, it is important to put things in place to keep this closeness and complicity within the couple. The best way to do this is to use the internet. Organise dinners for two from a distance, watch films at the same time and comment on them together, have small things delivered to each other such as flowers or a good meal for example. As far as intimacy is concerned, the internet and the telephone are also your allies: discover sex together on the phone, with or without a camera, depending on your desires and your temperament. If your other half is not up for this kind of experience and you find it hard to cope with the lack of it, why not try phone sex via a phone sex service for example, a good alternative to satisfy your desires without falling into infidelity.

Phone sex for singles

Those for whom the confinement and closure of establishments such as bars or nightclubs is the most difficult, are undoubtedly the singles who no longer have opportunities to meet people, whether for the purpose of starting a love story or for a one night stand. There are dating sites, but you can never be sure if it will work out or not and playing the seduction game for nothing can be frustrating. If this is the case for you and you are looking for a way to have a good time with a super sexy woman without the hassle, then phone sex is probably the ideal solution. By using a phone sex site, you can choose from a multitude of naughty women to have phone sex with without having to leave your house.