Far from being anecdotal, sexual frustration is a real problem for many people, both alone and in couples. However, it is not inevitable, as there are many ways of finding pleasure in intimate relations in order to get over this feeling of frustration. So how do you deal with sexual frustration? What are the means to achieve this? Answers!

Experience new sensations

Sexual frustration is often caused by a routine or a lack of compatibility between two partners, so it is important to remedy this by making concrete changes. Experimenting with new sensations will be a very good way to rekindle the flame and regain desire for your partner and pleasure in sex. There are a multitude of possibilities that can be experimented with, whether you are alone or with a partner, such as having sex on the tel, using sex toys, trying massages, reserving an evening for yourself, meeting new people, writing sext messages, trying new practices, etc. Each person can therefore turn to the practice that speaks to them most and that they feel most likely to enjoy in order to put an end to this period of frustration. However, taking control of one's intimate life also requires full commitment. A couple who have not felt pleasure during sex for some time must be genuinely interested in changing this and therefore seek ways to do so together. A single person who no longer feels pleasure during sex must also listen to his or her desires and needs in order to find the right partner or the right practice. Although sexual frustration is not inevitable, it can sometimes become an important part of everyday life and to remedy this type of problem, taking matters into your own hands will be the best way to achieve this.

Recognising sexual frustration

Experimenting with new sensations and finding your own solutions is a good way to overcome sexual frustration, but it is important to make sure that this is what it is. When it comes to sexual frustration, certain signs can be observed. Intimate sex without pleasure, never thinking about it during the day, thinking about something else during sex, favouring short sex in the same position, not really feeling pleasure and so on are all signs that sexual frustration may be present. When in doubt, it is perfectly possible to turn to a professional such as a sexologist.

Seeking professional help

In case of problems with sexual frustration, it is quite possible to be accompanied by a specialist, i.e. a sexologist (more information on the subject on the Health Tip blog). The sexologist is a psychology professional specialised in the accompaniment of sexual disorders. The sessions are therefore based solely on discussion and exercises may be carried out between sessions. The support of the sexologist will allow to understand the origin of this sexual frustration in order to find a way to remedy it. It can therefore be addressed to singles as well as to couples and can prove to be a real lifesaver when one wishes to regain a fulfilling sexual life. In addition, couples can consult a sexologist and/or a couple psychologist (some psychologists have this double speciality) who can offer individual sessions for each of them in turn, but also in pairs for example. The discussions will help the couple to understand what led them to this sexual frustration and thus help both parties to regain their balance over the course of the sessions (more information on sexology sessions here). When one is unable to overcome a problem of sexual frustration, consulting a professional can be a very interesting solution in order to get over this type of difficulty