Men and women who are looking for love at an advanced age may find it tricky to know where to start with dating, especially if they have just come out of a long-term relationship or marriage. But evidence shows that more and more of them are finding the courage to try and succeed. Dating, however, remains a daunting prospect for some older people. But finding the right partner can make the experience worthwhile. Here are some tips on how to meet someone serious when you are older.

Where to meet new people

Once you feel ready to think about a new relationship, you're probably wondering where to start. Rest assured there are many ways to meet someone. Trying new activities or volunteering is a great way to meet people, have fun and learn something different. For example, you could join a walking group, a course to learn something new, a local choir or a book or reading group. If you are not sure what activities are going on in your local area, there are various ways to find out. For example, you can look on notice boards, in the local newspaper or on adult education courses offered by the local council. You can also find volunteer opportunities at your local volunteer workshop. If these options don't appeal to you, you can meet people through mutual friends, place a personal ad in a local newspaper or register on relevant online sites such as

Meeting people online

Now that you are trading and working online, it is only natural that you should also use the web to find love. Over time, meeting people online has become the most effective method of finding a soul mate, even among the older generation. The main advantage of this solution is that it puts you at the centre of your decisions. With all these senior singles, you can freely choose the person you contact. Some services are completely free, requiring only some login information and focusing on appearance and location. Other sites ask you to pay a subscription fee and provide a little more information about yourself, to help you personalise your search. You will probably be asked to complete a questionnaire to assess your compatibility with other users on the site.

Choosing the right dating site

Some sites cater mainly for mature people, while others focus on people with specific interests. For example, if you are looking for a soul mate who shares your views on economics and politics, you should specify this on your profile or on the questionnaire provided. There are also sites for the senior citizen who is looking for something even more specific in a potential partner. For example, there are sites for people of Christian faith or for people who live and love the countryside. Once you have chosen the right site, it is a good idea to create a profile that truly reflects your personality, interests and the way you see the world. Avoid listing physical traits or specific characteristics that interest you. Describe yourself and give people interested in your profile an idea of the kind of person you are looking for.